The public is well split into people who have different opinions and personal preferences. This is the same when it comes to buying a pair of headphones. Some people go out to spend the bare minimum for these audio accessories. However, there are others who tend to concentrate on obtaining great sound quality by finding the best headphones under $200 on the market. Even though in-ear monitors are very popular, those that are willing to spend quite a bit of money tend to target over-ear headphones. In most circumstances, this is another factor that depends on the personal preference of the individual. However, the over-ear style does hold significant advantages.

The main benefit of over-ear headphones is that they are extremely comfortable and will enable the user to experience long-lasting comfort while enjoying their music. When it comes to buying the best headphones under $200, over-ear sets will also provide a high quality sound experience. Depending on which product you end up choosing, over-ear sets costing around the 200 dollar mark will be much closer to audiophile audio quality compared to other products.

As a consequence of the positive image of this style, here are the 3 of the best over ear headphones under 200 bucks that would provide an excellent value for money in the market today.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro over ear headphones are definitely worth the money and sound fantastic.Beyerdynamic is a big brand and it has a really good reputation for making some amazing headphones. They always concentrate a lot of the sound quality but generally, all of their headphones have great overall quality in every area. In terms of the best headphones under 200 dollars, the DT770 Pros are top quality and would definitely be considered as one of the best. These have absolutely amazing sound that would be a perfect fit for pretty much every audiophile who cannot afford to spend too much on their favorite highest end headphones. All areas of the sound are balanced and the bass is very impressive. A lot of people concentrate on the quality of the bass when they buy headphones and the DT770 Pros won’t let anybody down here. The comfort levels are very impressive too and this will allow you to keep the headphones on for quite some time. The excellent sound isolation is another extremely beneficial feature associated with the DT770 Pros.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Like Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica is a good brand too. The M50x, which is a part of the infamous studio line, has superb quality at an affordable price. This means that the M50x would be considered to provide an amazing value for money. The sound quality is excellent as you would expect and the balance in the sound is very impressive. There are some other advantages which have helped to raise the profile of these headphones. The detachable cables are very convenient and the build quality is amazing. When buying a pair of headphones, some people will prefer the DT770 Pros. But, the ATH-M50x is probably the most perfect pair that you can buy.

Sony MDR7506

Sony's MDR7506 headphones are extremely cheap when you consider all the features that you're getting.The Sony MDR 7506s aren’t just any normal pair of headphones. These are actually studio monitors and this means that their sound reproduction is extremely accurate. The durability of the entire product is amazing and even the cups, which are a bit weak, can be replaced with ease. There is very small amount of leakage of sound when using the Sony MDR7506s and this will make these monitors perfect for use in a studio. When looking for the best headphones under 200 dollars, the Sony MDR7506s would provide an excellent value for money as they will cost you much less money than your actual $200 budget.

Bowers & Wilkins is one of the better headphone makers out there. However, most of their products are quite expensive and simply out of reach for most normal listeners. Despite this, a lot of people still go to extreme measures to buy these well designed and superb sound headphones. Thankfully, the C5 S2 in-ear model will allow us to get our hands on a Bowers & Wilkins model without having to spend too much.

These earphones are available for less than 200 bucks but have achieved near perfect marks in almost all departments.

When it comes to the overall sound quality, the C5 S2s sound much better when compared to the original version. The improvement in the clarity of the music can be clearly heard while the bass is much tighter too.

When it comes to the convenience aspect, there is an inline control that will allow you to use several features without experiencing any problems. The Apple-friendly volume control will be great for iPhone owners and there is a microphone for calls as well.

The appearance of the earphones is very eye-catching and there is a loop on the earbuds that will allow the product to stay inside your ears very securely. There is a very handy and tough looking carry case included too. In overview, the C5 S2s are one of the very best headphones for less than $200.

As with most pairs, there are also some negative points associated with the C5 S2s. Firstly, the volume control is only compatible with those that use Apple products. This means that Android users won’t be too satisfied. Alongside this, the loop design might not suit every person as we all have different ears.

The HiFi Man RE600S in-ear headphones look and sound excellent. While they are expensive at $200, we feel this is justified due to its amazing sound quality.Audio enthusiasts who have listened to music through the HiFiman RE600S will already be aware of their true potential. The RE600S is actually a flagship in-ear model made by HiFiman, a huge name in the headphone making industry.

When hearing through this model, the clarity of sound is amazing to hear and the imaging is truly superb. The appearance of the earphones is equally brilliant as the model has a premium feel to it. The aluminum finish on the earbuds definitely contributes greatly to the sleekness of the product. In addition to this, the earbuds are quite small, which probably enhances their appearance too.

Comfort is the Most Important Feature

Due to the small design and the light weight, the RE600S is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t lead to ear fatigue that quickly. That really says something considering the fact that earphones are always criticized for their poor comfort levels.

Just to quickly mention the overall sound again, there is a great amount of balance in the sound produced. The bass is great and doesn’t go overboard in any way.

In terms of the price of the RE600S, it used to sell for around the $400 mark. This meant that most normal music listeners would have avoided these earphones as they wouldn’t have been able to afford them. However, just a few months back, HiFiman decided to halve the retail price of this audiophile quality model to $200, thus making it far more suitable for people who have set a limited budget for themselves.

Low Price

The price of $200 combined with the extremely high standards under which the RE600S has been built makes this model ideal for most users. Regardless of whether you are a basic user or an experienced listener, listening to your favorite songs won’t be the same after you listen through the HiFiman RE600S.

We realize that some people don’t really want in-ear headphones and would prefer the over-ear style. If you’re one of those people, do check out our list of the best over ear headphones under $200.